Sworn translator of the English language Maria Nightingale

Sworn and non-sworn translations from and into English

I provide services with respect to sworn and non-sworn translations of various texts and documents, inclusive of legal texts connected with business. I guarantee diligence, confidentiality, and a professional approach to the services I perform. The translations I offer are of top quality, competitively priced, and delivered within short deadlines.

Legal translations

Owing to my knowledge of both law and linguistics, the translations I offer are of the highest quality in their linguistic and technical aspects. Almost every specialized discipline has its own unique, highly technical language, and law is no exception. Good translations require such an expert understanding of the text.

How to deliver a text for translation

Translations can be delivered in person or via email. Translations can be collected according to the client’s wishes: in person, through mail, email, or by courier.

Payments and prices

Business clients should settle their payments based on an invoice, which is to be paid within 7 days. Individual clients should settle their payments on collection of the translation, or through an advance payment transferred to the account of
willow Maria Nightingale, number: PL 21 1050 1559 1000 0090 7445 1239.

Translations are available in two versions: sworn and non-sworn. A page of sworn translation comprises 1,125 characters (including spaces), calculated after completion of the translation. A page of non-sworn translation comprises 1,800 characters (including spaces), calculated after completion of the translation.

Type of translation Price per page
from English 34 PLN
into English 38 PLN


Interpreting (sworn or non-sworn) 120 PLN for the first hour

100 PLN for each subsequent hour

1.       Prices are increased by 25% in the case of documents which are written by hand or illegible, as this impedes the speed of translating.

2.      The above quotations relate to standard documents. In the case of translations of highly specialised documents, the price may be increased. The client will be informed of this before work is commenced on the translation.

3.      The standard speed of translating is 4-5 pages daily. In the case of highly specialized documents, or translations which require an above-standard speed of translating , the price may be increased by 50%. This will be communicated to the client before work is commenced on the translation.

Contact details:

Willow Maria Nightingale

ul.Macierzanki 16
71-499 Szczecin

Telephone: (+48) 606 285 188

Working hours:
Monday – Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday – 8 am – 2 pm